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Delivering INTELLIGENT Social Media

Does it feel like your business is spending more resources on social media than it’s worth? Is your team spending time and money churning out content, engaging with your audience and putting out social media ads but not getting the returns that you feel you should?

It’s time to rethink your approach to your business social media. Social media is not just a place to create brand awareness, talk to your audience or drive traffic and leads; it is an important source of intelligence that tells you what works best and when, what your competitors are up to and various other elements such as audience sentiment. These are all the building blocks for a social media strategy that will help grow your business. Does your team know how to listen for and analyse this sort of data?

This is where the team at TSM come in. We not only audit, monitor and analyse the information for you, but also put together a bespoke roadmap and strategy, train your team to deploy and are on hand to support going forward.


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If you are a small business and you need help with LinkedIn then Simone is it! We had tried on a number of occasions to get going on LinkedIn. We always started with enthusiasm but failed every time to keep it going. We wanted somebody with a no-nonsense approach. We don't want experts telling us; “that might be a good idea” or “you could think about doing that”, we want an expert who tells us to “do this, then this and then do that”. Simone fitted the bill perfectly.

Malcolm Pitcher, MD of Elevana Ltd


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