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3 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

LinkedIn has always been billed as the least sexy of the social media platforms but is a must-have tool for growing your business regardless of whether you’re B2B or B2C.

It affords you the unique opportunity to connect with decision makers in business, display your knowledge and credibility, and network without leaving your desk.

Here are the ways you should be using it;

1. Networking

LinkedIn as a networking tool is invaluable – convenient, low-cost and you can reach just about anywhere your ideal customer is. To really take advantage of what it can offer your business then you’ll need to optimise key areas like your profile, company and spend time connecting, sharing and interacting. This isn’t the platform for standing around looking moody and interesting.

2. Publishing Content

LinkedIn is the only platform that you can use for publishing articles natively, which is an excellent tool for driving engagement to your profile and company page. It is the perfect opportunity for getting yourself noticed as a thought leader in your industry which contributes to the trust factor when someone is considering using your services. Native articles are more likely to be read than external links to a blog or article. Sporadically posting content isn’t going to work though – treat it like you would any other business development activity and schedule it into your day.

3. Generating Leads and Business

You can use either organic or paid methods to generate leads on this platform. Building an audience and strategic partnerships is not a quick process but based on consistent and regular interaction and participation on the platform. Strategic partnerships can be those that you build with natural referrers or local community.

This is a very broad overview of what you need to be doing on LinkedIn to build your presence and drive leads to your business. The key here is a consistently active and LinkedIn could be the most valuable tool in your business toolbox.

Contact me for more info on how you can use LinkedIn to grow your business.

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