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8 Top Tips For a Stand Out LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is one of the most important platforms for establishing credibility. This means that what your profile says about you is so important. LinkedIn is no longer the staid old beast of the social media platforms anymore, but a vibrant platform where both B2B and B2C businesses can thrive.

Here are my top tips;

1. Looks do matter so make sure that your profile image is a decent and friendly representation of you. It doesn’t have to be the boring old headshot of years gone by so step out of your comfort and smile but also it definitely can’t be a drunken holiday shot!

2. Put a cover image that shouts out about your business either by using your branding or something associated with your business. This is a very important and free bit of advertising real estate for you – don’t leave it blank.

3. Remember to add keywords into your headline. LinkedIn at it’s heart is a searchable database of people and businesses so make sure that you can be found. Personalise with a phrase that communicates the essence of who you are.

4. Add rich media such as videos, articles or links to websites and posts on your summary.

5. Your summary should be a well though out story that says why you love what you do, your journey to get there, what your ideal client’s pain points are and how you solve them. Don’t forget to put a CTA at the end.

6. List your top 30 skills and endorse others for theirs.

7. Recommendations are the top form of social proof so always ask for one from clients when you’ve delivered the work, and give recommendations to those who have done good work for you.

8. List the work experience that is applicable to what you do now. There really isn’t need to go back in massive detail more than 5 years back.

Chat to me if you have any questions or queries about LinkedIn and how it can help your business.

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