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Getting Ahead on Social Media in 2021

The last year or so has been a helluva ride for most people and we are looking at a very different social media landscape now. Your average user is a lot more attuned to your tone of voice, sick to the gills of overly commercial content and wanting a quality interaction over a commercial transaction. In short – they’re tired of being sold to with no thought to interaction.

So how do you translate that practically into tactics and action?

Invest time in audience insights

Get to know your audience by paying attention to the insights on each platform. Look at the sort of content they respond to most and what their responses are. Make a point of engaging with them on platform and measure their willingness to interact. Do a bit of social listening to get a feel for audience sentiment across all channels. Take all of that information and build user personas to inform your strategies going forward.

Quality content trumps promotional posts every single time

Create content that adds value and speaks to your audience. The key here is to build on the audience insights and give them content that is useful, informative and in a format that they find engaging. Even more important is to be consistent in both quantity and interaction so that you build trust with your audience. If you can’t produce the content yourself regularly then the best investment you could make is to outsource it to a copywriter or content producer.

Less is more

This applies to just about everything from the number of platforms that your business is on to the number of times that you post on them. The pandemic has meant that more people were on social media and consequently the news feed filled up reams and reams of content – most of which wasn’t great quality. Make sure that you are only on the platforms where your audience is and that you give these platforms the individual attention they need. Having several platforms but sending the same content across each is going to do less for your business than a few, well-managed ones.

In summary, this is the year that a mindful and considered approach to your business social media will pay dividends.

The Social Managers specialise in social media services for SMES and marketing partners primarily in the B2B sector. We help our clients build a strategy that forges the way forward, implement it with ongoing management and make sure that any paid social is performing optimally.

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