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Great Tips For Growing Your Email List

Email marketing and social media go hand in hand, with both being top opportunities to build brand awareness and connect with your customers. Your email list is essentially an accumulation of email addresses from customers who have opted-in to your email marketing. Of course, you want this list to grow, however it is important to build a quality email list with customers that are actually engaged with your emails. Once you have a list of engaged subscribers, you have the opportunity to use email marketing to keep these customers informed, build a reputation with them and turn them into paying customers.

Here are some of our tips to build your email list:

1) Use CTAs (call to action) at the end of your social media and blog posts reminding them to sign up to your email newsletters for more information and advice. This reminds your customers to opt-in to your email marketing if they would like to receive more helpful content like the social media & blog posts they have just engaged with.

2) Include a simple pop-up form on your website when its first opened. Let them know how often they will receive emails to alleviate concerns about an excessive amount of emails.

3) We’ve spoken previously about the effectiveness of Pinterest in driving traffic to your website. This can lead to subscribers if you use a pop-up on your site, but also if you link visual resources (such as short e-books offering advice on relevant topics) that require an email address to access, this can increase your list too. If you don’t feel confident with Pinterest, we offer 1-1 training to teach you the basics.

4) It is important to give customers an incentive to opt-in. This could be access to free resources, keeping them up to date with your new products and services or extra offers.

5) Create resources that add value to potential customers. For example, we have a downloadable PDF coming soon regarding social media marketing at Christmas. This gives your customers an incentive to opt-in to email marketing so that they can access the resource.

If you have more queries about email and social media marketing, please book into our free social media clinic for a quick chat. Also sign up to our email newsletter for more information and updates from us!

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