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How important is social media marketing for B2B?

Unlike the consumer buying process where purchasing decisions are often made by individuals, the B2B process is longer, more complex, and often involves a team-- which makes you wonder whether social media is really necessary for B2B if you’ll be selling to a group rather than individuals.

Well, a recent study showed that B2B buyers spend a lot of time on the research phase - up to 70% - before they engage a sales representative. This stage of the process is often dominated by younger employees who are comfortable with digital-first environments and they usually rely on vendor resources such as blogs, case studies and white papers for their research.

Another study showed that buyers lean on content to educate themselves and that they demand and expect richer content experiences from the brands they are engaging. When asked what type of content they consumed as they engaged with vendors, respondents showed a growing preference towards more visual, engaging formats.

This means that B2B companies should aim to do two things:

  1. Create helpful content for their buyer’s research phase


  1. Meet the buyer wherever they happen to be - whether that be on websites or social media

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