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Is Your Business Doing Social Listening?

Social Listening is not to be confused with Brand Monitoring. Every business should have their ear to the ground and be listening for brand mentions across the digital landscape but Social Listening goes far beyond that.

It can be listening to social conversations that pertain to the wider context of your industry and applying your findings to improving your offering, it can be searching conversations on social media to not only learn what customers want, but also in some cases engaging in conversations that offer your product or service as a solution. It can take the form of active involvement in forums and groups, it can be surveys and reviews. Listening to the conversations about your competitors also goes a long way toward building up your business knowledge base. It requires analysis and reflection of the information across a wide array of digital media rather than just reading the brand mentions and direct conversations that Brand Monitoring does.

Social Listening forms part of your wider business strategy. In the past when doing business we would usually keep an eye on what our competitors are doing by attending industry functions, reading publications and perhaps retaining an agency to do it for us. We would monitor quality of product or service by listening to customers reviews or complaints in person or in print/digital and, to keep abreast of trends we would sign up for industry trend reports. The key difference now is that there are more conversations taking place across the digital space and that technology is moving far faster than ever before. Reputations and market share can be lost in a short space of time. Can you afford not to be doing it?

If you need assistance with your Social Listening or Social Monitoring then why not chat to us about how we can help you.

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