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My Remote Internship Experience

I started 2020 travelling in Australia, with the intention of staying there for a year, however due to the pandemic I had to return to the UK in March. Shortly after coming home, we went into a national lockdown and like many other recent graduates I was questioning how I would enter the job market. I graduated Newcastle University in 2019 with a business management degree and knew pre-travelling that I wanted to go into digital marketing, specifically the social media aspect. I was lucky enough to join the team of TSM Intelligence Solutions as their social media intern and I’ve been working there remotely for four months now.

Despite this, I’ve never actually met anyone in person. All communication has been through zoom and emails, something I definitely didn’t expect when thinking of my first graduate role last year! Luckily, social media marketing is primarily done through your laptop and phone anyway, so working remotely hasn’t been a challenge in that sense. For me, working from home has come with a lot of benefits. The thought of going from travelling, to Lockdown and then into an office setting was quite daunting, especially as this is my first role after graduating and first step into digital marketing. Being able to ‘learn the ropes’ from the comfort of my own home has improved my confidence and eased me into the industry. Moreover, TSM is based a few hours away from where I live so I may not have had this opportunity if remote working hadn’t become the new norm.

My role is a social media intern, but I’ve been able to learn about other aspects of digital marketing, such as email newsletters and creating landing pages. I have learnt about using social media platforms as a marketing tool and creating content as well as devising strategies, audits, competitor analysis and monitoring analytics. As part of my training, I was tasked with creating my own Facebook business page about anything I wanted and running it for a month to learn whilst doing. I’m still running the page and have expanded it to Instagram as well, something I would never have thought about doing myself. I’ve also been able to help with the launch of Bright Yellow Social, our sister company that focuses on social media training.

Regardless of the obvious challenges of Covid-19, I’m incredibly thankful that I have had the opportunity to learn so much and build confidence through working at TSM and I’m excited to learn more with them.

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