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My Top 10 Tips on Using Hashtags

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

How important are Hashtags really?

The job of a Hashtag is to group content together on a platform so that more people can search and see the content. If you don’t use Hashtags then the chances are less that your content will be found.

I often get asked about how, where and when to use Hashtags so here are my tips;

1. Use them on all your social media platforms but be aware that each platform has slightly different recommendations for the number and usage.

2. Only use appropriate Hashtags for the content that you’re posting otherwise you run the risk of diluting the reach.

3. Don’t go wild with number of hashtags that you use otherwise you are going to seem spammy. Just because you can post 30 doesn’t mean you should.

4. When creating your own unique Hashtag just make sure that the phrase or words look decent without spaces. We’ve all seen fails online of either Hashtags or websites where the name or phrase is innocent but when you take the spaces out – oh boy!

5. Try not to use Hashtags with too many uses otherwise you’re unlikely to be seen. A good rule of thumb is to have a mix of Hashtags with the majority of them being ones with 100k and below uses. It’s a big old marketplace out there and you want to be seen.

6. Use the search function on each platform to look for the best Hashtags for your content.

7. Check out the hashtags before using them – the last thing you want is your brand to be associated with a Hashtag that has bad associations or attracts dodgy content.

8. Try not to repeat the same Hashtags all the time otherwise it’s a bit like competing with yourself.

9. Checkout the competition to see what Hashtags they are using – even if you don’t use any of them it’s a good idea to see what they’re up to!

10. Take note of what hashtags your top followers are using. This is more applicable to Instagram but it’s search tool can give you more info about what your audience is following and where you can find them.

The best piece of advice that I can give though is to be thoughtful and considered about which Hashtags you use in your content. Much like any other aspect – planning what you want to do and why, makes a big difference to the success of it.

Drop me a message if you need any Hashtag advice.

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