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Should I Be On Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an invite-only social networking app that launched in April 2020. In May 2020, it had just 1,500 users but by December, that number had grown to 600,000. Today, Clubhouse has over 10 million users and millions more hoping for an invite.

Clubhouse is now valued at $4 billion but despite its exclusivity, it is the 16th most popular app in the social networking category.

So should you consider using it for social media marketing?

Well… maaaybe?

While Clubhouse provides a new level of possibility for connection between your brand and your audience, it already has some really tough (possibly better) competition.

In May, Twitter launched a new feature called Twitter Spaces, which allows users with over 600 followers to host their own conversations Clubhouse-style. Facebook has jumped on the bandwagon (again) with their own version of audio spaces.

What makes Clubhouse so appealing is it’s exclusivity which limits the app’s users and allows people to have more intimate and authentic conversations.

However, what happens when the app becomes publicly available? Will it still be as good?

At the moment, Clubhouse only allows users to create 1 room with up to 5,000 listeners per room - whether this feature will be updated in the future to allow for more remains to be seen. This enables listeners to chime in with questions and comments of their own. However, a room with more people means that there’s less of a chance of everyone being able to participate in the conversation without getting their contributions lost in a flood of comments (and emojis). Meaning that in such instances, people can only be spoken to and not spoken with-- Does that remind you of something? Instagram live perhaps?

While Clubhouse is innovative and growing fast, I wouldn’t recommend it for small businesses at the moment. When using social media for your business, you shouldn’t spread yourself thin trying to be everywhere at once. If your resources are limited, pick 3 or 4 (well-established) platforms where your audience hangs out and focus on creating a presence there.

Chat to us about what your next steps should be.

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