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The benefits of outsourcing your social media management

One of the major concerns for businesses looking to outsource their social media management is this - is it worth investing in and can we trust them to accurately represent our brand?

For this reason, you might even consider handling social media on your own by dedicating 2 to 3 hours weekly or assigning it to one of your team members. But as you’ll learn, unless you’re fully committed to building an online presence, you may end up wasting lots of time and money on strategies that don’t work.

Implementing a social media strategy means keeping an eye on analytics, monitoring brand mentions, encouraging engagements, and responding to queries or comments daily- not occasionally. A social media manager doesn't just sign in, post a few pictures, then split. They first conduct a social media audit to assess your existing accounts, evaluate their metrics, and identify ways to improve. After that, they create a content strategy that will increase brand reach and drive engagements. Lastly, they put together a content plan. Then, and only then, do they begin posting.

I can help businesses such as yours create authentic connections with people - no hard sells from me - so if you’re looking to outsource social media management, you can contact me here.

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