You’ve invested some money and resources into social media, hired a person or even a team to run it and it’s just not pulling it’s weight for your business. It feels like more hype than help, and that you’re better off focussing on traditional methods.


It’s time to change your approach to your social media.


Most businesses, in one form or another, collect some data from and monitor their social media channels. Very few businesses will engage in active listening, monitor their competitors or use the data to put together a practical strategy.


We provides a unique range of Intelligence and Analytics services which are designed to show you the big picture and point you in the right direction.  Our packages include;​


Audit and Analysis

This package gives you an idea of where your business is really at. We take all the available information such as on-platform metrics, web analytics, audience sentiment, competitor analysis and put it together in a detailed report. It will tell you things like what is working well and what isn't, how your audience feels about you, what conversations you're missing out on, what some of your competitors are up to, how you're doing with customer service and what's really driving the traffic to your website. ​


Competitor Social Media Analysis

This detailed report gives in depth insight into how others in the market are performing on social media, what is working for them and how their audiences are responding. Most businesses don't have the time to monitor competitors as thoroughly, but they’re missing out on the opportunity to gain insight into competitor marketing strategies and using that data to identify failings and strengths in their own approach. ​


Audit, Analysis and Strategy Package

This is the intelligent solution for any business wanting to make the most of their resources and define a strategy that will help them grow. We take all available data as mentioned before and use it to build a road map for your business. We then test and implement, train your team to run it properly and hand over the reins to you. ​

Chat to us about a bespoke solution for your business.

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